Solving a dilemma: order a private jet or fly using regular lines?

Заказать самолет, бизнес самолеты, чартерные перевозки, бизнес джетNowadays, time is the most valuable resource, and the task of time-management resides in the top of the list of tasks of business people. The goal of cost reduction and time economy is traced in almost all commercial and governmental structures. It is quite reasonable: «more time = more money». Consider this: one can get additional «free hours», just by freeing oneself from such necessities as: flight check-ins, customs and passport control, long lasting waiting in terminals or duty-free. These extra hours can be spent on working process, and save your reputation of reliable business-partner. Of course, you can spend this time to get some rest, if needed.

Indisputable advantages of business jets

Business jets are a wonderful way of travelling inside or outside of the country. Major advantages over regular flights are as follows:

  • Ability to order a jet in a desired time of departure and arrival.
  • Business jets are ready-made to surround you with comfort, provide you with vast varieties of spending your time more effectively: you can negotiate during the flight, or have some entertaining activities.
  • Business jets can offer you to relish a snack, or have a full meal, sticking to preferable menu. The passenger expresses his preferences up to hiring the chef, for him to prepare your favorite food during the flight.
  • Business aviation is strictly confidential. No information is outspread without your permission and approval.Заказать самолет, бизнес самолеты, чартерные перевозки, бизнес джет
  • Our aircrafts are maintained regularly, kept clean and are in overall perfect condition. Pilots and service personnel are the best profess. Staff members improve skills on regular basis, for us to provide our clients the best service. Business jets guarantee highest level of service and safety.

If you are interested in cargo transportation, we can provide you with additional information upon request. Please, reach us at or call +7 (495) 215-25-30

Private flights as a part of business strategy

There is nothing more important than compliance with agreement terms with business partners. When deciding how to transport company’s management and employees to another destination on the globe or country, a dilemma occurs — whether to order a private jet or just buy a pack of air tickets of popular air carrier. Either way the flight will be commenced, but the main aspect here is to have an ability to choose the right time and optimize costs. Business jets can help you manage your time more effectively, and surprise you with «price-quality» ratio.

Business aviation is the best way to cut costs, which are affected by time lapse, especially when it comes to transportation of people on small and mid-range distances.

About business jets

Our aircraft park is filled with various planes — from ones that are ideal for local flights to those that are capable of travelling to large distances. Nether the less, they share some common specs:

  • Very comfortable cabin, filled with various equipment: LCD and presentation displays, satellite phones, internet, faxes, hi-fi sound systems, microphones, massage chairs, etc. Some planes have special seats that can transform into beds, others planes have entire bedrooms.Заказать самолет, бизнес самолеты, чартерные перевозки, бизнес джет
  • Business jets are more eco-friendly, compared to aircrafts of major carriers. Modern engines are manufactured with explicit technologies, which allow minimizing the damage on the atmosphere.
  • Private jets reproduce a sufficiently lower amount of noise during landing or takeoff, providing abilities to reach almost every airport, even those which technical specifications are very strict.

Thank you for your interest in our company. We hope that you will enjoy working with us — our services are being developed every day, our partners pool is regularly extended for us to provide you with a vast choice of planes that can suit your goals.

We offer additional services, such as hotel booking, car rental (w/wo drivers), personal flight-managers, and translators.

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